Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Storenvy: Linking your store to your blog with a page tab

A great way to get your blog followers to your Storenvy shop, social media, or any other page you may have, is to add page tabs to your blog. It's an easy way for followers to access your store. This tutorial will show you how to add page tabs to your blog. I've added page tabs for my Bean Sprout Boutique shop, my contact page, and FAQ.

STEP 1: Select Pages from your Blogger Dashboard

1. Sign in to your blogger account and select your blog.
2. In the left column, click on Pages

STEP 2: Select New Page

1. Selecting Blank Page will open a page that looks just like creating a post. Compose your page, add HTML, photos, etc.

2. Selecting Web Address will open a dialog box. Page title is what will appear on the tab. Web address is the page you wish to link to.

STEP 3: Position tabs

1. Select the drop-down menu where it says Show pages as.
2. Select Top tabs, Side links, or Don't show
3. If you have created more than one tab, you can shuffle them in the order you wish them to appear. Click the gray bar and drag up and down.

STEP 4: Save your page

1. When you have finished creating your tabs and arranging them, make sure to click Save arrangement.

Your blog page should now be displaying the new tabs you've created. Click on each one to make sure they link to the assigned page without error. If you have any questions, please let me know: nakesha@beansproutboutique.com.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Contest: Give Thanks and Win **UPDATED**

**THE GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED** November is the month of giving thanks. As a THANK YOU to all my fans, Bean Sprout Boutique is giving away a custom crochet hat on Facebook! Share your favorite Thanksgiving memory or something you're thankful for to be entered to win. Then vote for your favorite entry. The person with the most votes will win a custom made crochet hat from Bean Sprout Boutique.

**AND THE WINNER IS........**

Here's Angie in her new custom hat from Bean Sprout Boutique! It was so fun to create this custom design for her. Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. :)