Thursday, July 11, 2013



Hello! My name is Nakesha, and I'm a crochetaholic. I'm also a graphic designer, wife, mommy of toddler twins, and a music lover. In my younger years, I played bass guitar in a band called murmur with my husband and some friends. I have an interest in health food and worked at a health food store throughout my college years. Most recently, I had a career as a graphic designer at a business newspaper.

I resigned from the daily grind of the corporate world to focus on raising my family, but I refused to entirely give up on something I'm passionate about, creating, no matter what form it takes. So I decided to turn a life-long hobby into a small business venture. I opened Bean Sprout Boutique, an online shop, selling handmade crocheted baby hats and photography props. I also continue to freelance in graphic design, when a need arises, and put my design skills to use in marketing my own business.

With this blog, I hope to share pieces of my daily life, design tips and tricks, crochet projects, and anything else I can think of. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing in this journey with you!

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